Young Colossus- Sleeper

 With side-project, Young Colossus, Maccabees’ vocalist Orlando Weeks has created a beautifully-eerie soundtrack to accompany his limited-edition illustrated book (featuring Alessi Laurent-Marke.)

Sleeper‘ rushes out of my speakers, a heavy wave.. in and out. Or, less romantically, a sofa being dragged across a vast room. A flittering, electronic pulse ensues, reminiscent of dewy bike rides, wooded tracks and greenery. Girlish vocals, superimposed over a jangling guitar, warble from the centre of the mouth, lisping airily over parted lips. These floating notes are then drawn underground as Weeks’ sonorous tones pour the seductive bass line. Otherworldly, layered voices trip lightly over a pattering guitar, conjuring images of demonic, multicoloured mice, equipped with whirring chainsaws- the kind only found in Tim Burton films: ‘What you running from?’

‘Sleeper’ then morphs into a marginally less-sinister, silence-inducing bass line which throbs with climactic suspense: ‘Think it’s gonna start.’ Followed by the repeated call of a horn, which expands to evoke an almost-medeival ambience, Laurent-Marke’s vocals peter out.


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