Smashing things up? 
That’s how I keep from killing you. 
From slitting a knife down the parting in your hair
like a cut-here line, 
and taking a hammer to your skull
and then looking down into the bloody mess that is your brain,
wires arranged all wrong, their ends frayed with static. 
I’d take out all the bad bits, reconnect and snip. Make normal. 
Would the face in your grave be the same? A shame, if not saved, because I’d like to do that for you. 
an egg 
and a diary, a past torn to pieces.
Then a mirror. 

The Sunshine Award

The Sunshine Award is given by bloggers to other bloggers that make them smile. I’m very happy to have been nominated by The Book Bimbo Chronicles– thank you. So please check out her blog: she is currently doing the 2012 Reading Challenge to raise money for World Horse Welfare. Her reviews have recommended many good reads!

I also have to answer 10 personal questions and nominate 10 fellow bloggers for the award.

1. Favorite colour– All of them!

2. Favorite animal– Cat. They are undeniably great. In fact, it’s time for a revolution: smash those dastardly ultrasonic cat deterrents and don your Egyptian cotton.

Norse Goddess Freya with her chariot of cats
(Can I point out that under no circumstances do I condone such animal exploitation- these were not your average domestic cats.)

3. Favorite number– 7.

4. Favorite non-alcoholic drink–  Water- 2 inches boiling and the rest from the tap. Mmmmm…

5. Prefer Facebook or Twitter– I lost far too many hours to Facebook- it had to go. And I’ve never had Twitter.

6. My passion– BOOKS!

7. Prefer Giving or Getting presents– Giving, which is why I prefer Christmas to birthdays. I LOVE buying presents for people! I also get stressed having to open presents: 1. It makes me self-conscious. 2. I worry that if I dislike a present, my face will somehow betray my disappointment/revulsion/amusement.

8. Favorite pattern– I have no pattern preferences (but this doesn’t mean I won’t squirm if you give me something leapord-print related for my birthday.)

9. Favorite day of the week– Again, I don’t have a specific answer for this: it depends on what I have planned really. Oddly, I like school (!) so I don’t suffer from the habitual Monday-Friday hatred.

10. Favorite flower– Another one I haven’t particularly thought about, although I do prefer wild flowers to flowers-in-vases-on-windowsills; the latter just seems an odd concept to me.

And now for 10 blogs…

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